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About Jammer Direct

Jammer Direct is a Social Gateway for the artist and their family, friends & fans, no matter their field of creativity or talent. JD is designed to be an artistic resource & showcase for artists of any kind.
Members of Jammer Direct are called Jammers.




Current features for membership include:
• Customized, personal Jammer profile and webpage.
• Live concerts and concert videos.
• HD movies, films and TV shows.
• JammerStream One, Mix, Hardcore, and FreeStyle feature the original music uploaded by Jammers from around the world based on genres.
• One-stop gateway to all your favorite social network sites.
• Multiple ways to communicate with friends and fans.
• Upload and share videos and music.

Your Jammer Profile
 By creating your own Jammer Profile, you are creating your own website to promote your creativity in any way you see fit. Even the URL of your Jammer Profile is! When you create your profile, it comes preconfigured with a set of instructions that you can delete after you feel comfortable. You can also elect to keep your profile private until you feel it is ready to show the world. You can add virtually anything using the Text/HTML feature in your profile but we have configured several features ready for you to use including a media function, Jammers (friends) list, links, RSS/feed, profile details, galleries and a blog. There is also a message center for you to send private messages to other Jammers.


 Jammer Direct includes a Video on Demand service similar to YouTube. Video length varies from a few minutes to just under three hours. All videos are in 720p HD format and can be viewed full screen or transmitted to your TV screen or viewable on your smartphone. Jammer Direct videos include full length feature films, TV shows, Jammer produced content and live concerts. New videos are added weekly.

From time to time, Jammer Direct broadcasts live events and concerts in HD on an interactive platform which includes crowd/internet interaction. Members can communicate via embedded chat or video sharing chat.

 JammerStream are four 24/7 internet  audio streams which features uploaded music from Jammers in the mp3 format split into three distinct formats. They are regulated to original material from the artists. Jammers can upload their original mp3 formatted music to be streamed once approved.

The streams are in a multi-format that can be played in different players as well as the default Flash Player, Android App, and iPhone App.

JammerStreams consists of four independant stations based on genres:
JammerStream One, JammerStream Mix, JammerStream Hardcore, and JammerStream FreeStyle.




Featured JamMedia

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JammerStream Stations
iTunes Windows Media ShoutCast Real
iTunes Windows Media ShoutCast Real
iTunes Windows Media ShoutCast Real
iTunes Windows Media ShoutCast Real


Featured Jammers

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